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The Majestic Digital Train Set with eLink


This   simply   amazing   train   set   has   to   be   the   gift   of   a   lifetime.      The   incredible   contents   include   not   only   a   powerful   Pacific type   locomotive   liveried   in   the   eye-catching   Experimental   Blue   colours   of   the   early   British   Railways   days   but   also   a modern style Class 47 diesel which is ideal for hauling the assorted wagons around the twin oval of track. However,   what   is   truly   amazing   is   that   both   locomotives   are   controlled   by   Hornby's   state   of   the   art   and   revolutionary ‘eLink’   digital   interface   unit,   which   is   not   only   capable   of   having   9999   locomotives   allocated   to   it   but   also   has   the capabilities   of   controlling   in   excess   of   2000   points   or   accessories   providing   power   is   available!      All   that   has   to   be   done   is for   the   ‘eLink’   to   be   connected   to   a   PC   or   laptop,   load   the   ‘RailMaster’   software   and   then   you   are   really   going   places.     Incredibly intuitive, the 'RailMaster’ makes operating trains simple and straightforward. (PC not included). Internet activation required to access all RailMaster features.


    BR Peppercorn Class 'Bon Accord'     2 BR (ExLNER) Gresley Composite coaches     1 x BR (ExLNER) Gresley Brake Composite coach     BR Class 47 Co-Co Diesel     4 x assorted wagons     Twin ovals of track plus siding. (Can be extended with the addition of Hornby Track Packs)     'eLink' Digital Controller plus 1 amp transformer     'RailMaster' CD-Rom     MidiMat (1600 x 1180mm)

Very Special Price - R 8 990 - 00

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